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It occurred to me recently that while many of you may only know me from Nighthags writing corner, some of you may be unaware that I have some of my writing posted on HubPages free for all to read.

I have many poems and a handful of short stories that I want to be able to share with all of you here. My favourite genres are horror and gothic romance although I do write in other genres from time to time, I always find myself turning back to the dark paths that I love best.

So please enjoy some of the following links to my pages of writing I hope you enjoy what you find


Short stories



Life for a life



A vampires love



Practice makes perfect



Hell found me



Red Velvet Shoes



I See You



The Black Of Space



Black cat



Blood of Angels



Dark poetry



Little human



Deaths Dream



Dead Whispers



Voices in my head



Broken Heart



I Want



Demon Strings



Creatures of the Night



Vampire Poems



Forever Mine



Forgotten Bride



Lost in You



Blood Tears


Witches wolves and zombies .... Oh my


The Demon Ship...A Witches Poem



Dark revenge... A Witches poem



Moons call ... A werewolf poem



Lost...a werewolf poem



Pack...a werewolf poem



Infectious death...A zombie poem


Love Poems


Let me... A love poem



Kiss me... A love poem



Close me eyes .... A love poem



Please... A love poem


These are only a snippet of my writing, please feel free to read the many others that are posted on HubPages as I am intending more to come over the next few weeks




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