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Writing prompts for paranormal romance

Writing for the genre of paranormal romance can be very rewarding, with all the concepts of romance with the thrilling addition of the supernatural. Be it vampires, werewolves or angels or something more, there is no denying the intense popularity of the paranormal romance at this moment. 

Below you will find writing prompts for paranormal romance writers, story starters, overall themes and my personal favourite the picture prompts.
 Even if you have never tried your hand at this genre it may be worth trying something new you may surprise your self at what you can create. 
Paranormal romance story starters
Write a short paranormal romance story of at least 750 words or poem, using one of the opening prompts from below.

Write a poem or a song based on the
above picture prompt

1. He had waited so long…         

2. She could feel his eyes watching her…

3. It wasn’t possible!  He was dead…

4. The cross flared to life…

5. There was something on the roof...

6. He could sense her fear …

7. The moon glowed in his eyes…

8. It was forbidden…    

9. I can’t deny it anymore…                    

10. The feathers fell…

write a short paranormal romance
based on the pic above
11. His voice whispered through her dreams…  

12.  Beware the call of the night…

13. When would the pain end…

14. The door slammed

15. She turned away …

16. “You need to leave”…

17. It had all been worth it…

18. “You bit me!”…

19. The fire burned low...

20. The castle was full, but without him…

 Paranormal romance theme prompts
Choose one of the following writing prompts below and write a short paranormal romance of at least 750 words ( or a poem of  at least 200 words) that connects to the overall theme that you have chosen

Write a paranormal love poem based on
the above picture prompt
 1. Never parted
2. Stranger in the dark                    
3. Broken carriage
4. Forbidden meeting
5. Love spell
6. Cursed
7. Tears of the vampire
8. A time to die
9. A dreams kiss
10. Midnight vow
11. Hunted
12. Broken sword
13. Heart of a killer
Write a short paranormal romance story based
on the above picture prompt
14. Living statue
15. Secret                                    
16. Blood Slave
17. Painted glass
18. Hidden from sight
19. Shattered mirror
20. Forbidden meeting

Picture prompts for paranormal romance writers
Choose a picture below to write a paranormal romance story of a least 750 words that connect some way with your chosen your artwork

Picture prompts for poems
Create a paranormal love poem for one of the following pictures

More writing prompts to come on nighthags corner, so check back for more soon...

Happy Writing!

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  1. These are great prompts for writers. I may have to try a few.

  2. I am so pleased that you not only liked it but may have even been inspired to try some yourself, thanks for dropping in

  3. Hi! I really love your site all of your writing prompts are the there are very useful! I also left a comment on your horror story prompts! Please keep making them!

  4. This is a fantastic list of paranormal prompts. I love all of these. Thank you for posting!

  5. This is a fantastic list of paranormal prompts. I love all of these. Thank you for posting!

  6. Jennifer ComalanderJune 16, 2016 at 4:53 PM

    I absolutely love this! Some of these ideas are amazing, and I can't wait to see what I write with one of these prompts

  7. I love them also and wrote a page from the pictures. It turned out pretty good I think. This site is wonderful.

  8. I wrote a page on what I saw and read, I would like to share it. Where would I write it? Thank you