Thursday, December 30, 2010

Writing prompts for poetry

Inspire yourself

Creative writing prompts are a great way to broaden your scope of writing, while discovering hidden talents that you may never have known you had. Having had some success with writing prompts on the Internet myself, I started writing my own which in the long run resulted in these pages filled with my 3 favourite forms of writing prompts, Themes, Story Starters, and the wonderful picture prompts.

Writing poetry can be very rewarding, with so many different accepted forms available to the to-days writer, it is a wonderful way to express your creativity, be it fiction or other.
On this page you will find my numerous creative writing prompts for poetry all created in the hopes that it may help inspire your writing someway, be it helping you beat writers block, or simply giving you some new ideas to kick-start your writing .

So feel free to take your time to browse over the writing prompts for poems below, there will be more added over time so remember to check back if you like what you find here.

Poetry writing prompts

The themed writing prompt
Write a Poem based on one of the following themes below,

Write a Poem based on the above Picture prompt

First Kiss      
Chained Angel
Empty Heart
Sirens Call
Soldiers Guilt
Mothers Guilt
Wilting Flower
Time Stopped
Hidden Away
Icy Tears
Dream Lover
Never Again

Write a poem based on the above picture prompt

Slave Girl                                                           
Lost In a Dream
Dream Catcher
Empty Coffin
Lost Days

Write a love poem using the following theme                    
The Day I Meet You
Angels Touch
Destiny’s Call
New Day
Black Rose
Say My Name
Stop My Heart

Write a poem based
on the above prompt

Midnight Hour
Don’t Leave
Love’s Spell

Write a horror poem based on one of the themes below
Old House
Shallow Grave
Broken Chair
Dancing Girl
Seductive Smile
Left Behind
Road kill
Great white hunter
Evil Smile
Angels Tears

Poem starter
Write a poem using one of the following starting lines

Write a poem based on the above Picture

The moon glowed as they danced…   

Can you hear me call…?

The look in your eye makes me shiver in…

She was a thing of beauty and of light…

The fire is low and the curtains drawn…

Filled with sunshine and laughter…

The eagle let out a lonesome cry…

Write a poem based on the above picture prompt

I burn for you in the darkness…           

Draw me near and whisper gently…

Tell me it isn’t true…

The sign stood battered and worn

It breathed in the darkness next to me…

If the devil cried,

If the world ended tomorrow...

The eyes glowed in the darkness…

The waves rolled out across the sands…

The ghostly figure shimmered in the light…

The path winds forever forward…

Beware the charming smile in the night…

Lost in a dream…

The night was thick with romance…

Picture prompts for poems
Write a poem based on one of the picture prompts below

Write a ballad or a story within a poem based on on of the following Pictures 


Write a horror poem based on the picture prompts below

Write a love poem based on one of the following picture prompts                                                               


Happy writing!
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