Monday, January 10, 2011

Posting fiction online and getting feedback

One of the problems that I had (have) is that I am a shy writer, who lives in a very small community where such things as a writing group are unheard of or only by the local librarian. So once I finally stopped all my excuses for not writing, I realised that I was hungry, not only to learn everything I could (can) learn about the art of writing, I was desperate for feedback on my actual writing itself.
But with only my nearest and dearest to ask, I wallowed in self-doubt for what seemed like forever, before I quite accidentally stumbled across two very good sites for writers which I am going to explain about here.   
As a fiction writer, I have never considered joining an article writing site, but what drew me to Hubpages was the fact that this site, while mainly an article content site, has a very large community of fiction writers, be it poetry short stories or something else altogether there seems to be a place for all sorts of writers here.
So very tentatively I posted a short story, and was amazed at how quickly it was not only read but within 24 hours I had my first comment, which I am sure you can image was a great boost to my writing esteem and inspiration.
The thing I found the most helpful was that the comments being left where by other writers (who with a click of the mouse I could go and read myself), and the few times I received criticism it was always constructive and helpful in some way.
Soon I found myself branching out with my writing, expanding on my short stories and adding poetry and article writing to my repertoire, all with the encouragement of other members which in the long run has given me the confidence to try this blog.
One of the things I love about Hubpages is that it is completely free, with no application or approval process, the design of the site is easy to use, the layout more like a magazine than ever before with easy features which are easy to learn for the first time internet writer, with the added perk that the site shares adsence revenue, making it possable that in time you might even make some money
But the real treasure that is Hubpages, what makes it special for me is the community, the support of those who have chosen to follow me, their comments and thoughts more inspiring to me than I ever could have imagined

Unlike Hubpages to fully participate in fanstory there is a subscription fee, which can be a little off putting for some, but what makes this site stand out is the overabundance of monthly competitions for short stories and poetry and its marvellous review system even classes that you can take (it is well worth the look)
With rewards given for the best reviews on other author’s work, encouraging a community of writers whose aim is to improve not only their craft but to help others along as well
Currently I am not using this site, (distracted by Hubpages) but have full intention of doing so now that we are in the New Year. I am constantly checking back on their competitions for inspiration and reading the wonderful authors that use this site to showcase their writing. (There are even published authors who use this site!)

 Having feedback on my writing has been a wonderful experince, It has strengthened my writing and boosted my confidence to chase the dream that I have so long denied myself, so if you are looking for feed back on your writing then I highly recommend that you give one of these pages a go, there is so much to gain, and very little to lose.

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