Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Paranormal romance writing picture prompts

Paranormal romance is one of the best selling genres of the romance sub categories. The idea of Dracula giving up his immortal life for the love of Mia, has tantalised us for generations and is quite possibly the oldest example of a paranormal romance, right up there with Carmilla, the female vampire who seduced a young woman written back in 1871(before bran stroker wrote a word of Dracula ) Both of these stories turn what was previously considered to be a monster into a sympathetic romantic lead that has stood the test of time and still draws in new audiences today .

Today we have Anne Rice, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Charlene Harris, Laurell K Hamilton and yes even Stephane Myer just to name a few writers that are carving out their own sweeping stories that bring the darker things to life in a way that both excites and thrills our notions of what romance should be.

Vampires, werewolfs, witches, ghosts, time travelers, and even aliens fill the paranormal genre which gives us writers a lot to work with as we weave our tales and spin our imagination. try some of the writing prompts below, they are meant for short stories, novels and even poetry all here to help spark that one idea within you that may lead you to your next grand adventure



Story Starter paranormal writing prompt

Write a Paranormal short story of at least 750 words using one of the story starters below....

There was something about the smell of dead flesh ...

The graveyard was a mess of overturned graves and broken statues...

The last person i expected to be at my door on Valentine's Day was her...

Kneeling naked under the moon She begged for more....

My mother was a whore and my father was a mystery ....


Theme Paranormal writing prompt

Write a short Paranormal story or poem inspired by one of the writing themes belong w...

Secret kiss

Strangers dance

Last goodbye

Lost chance

Devils luck


Paranormal Picture Prompt for Short Stories

Write a Paranormal short story inspired by one of the picture prompts below...



Picture prompt



Picture prompt



Picture prompt



Picture prompt



Picture prompt



Paranormal picture prompts for poetry

Write a Paranormal poem or a ballad inspired one of the picture prompts below...

Picture prompt



Picture prompt



Picture prompt



Picture prompt



Picture prompt




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  1. I like this site but I also joined the one on facebook and wrote a page from the pictures from here and the prompts. But now it will not let me see the whole page so I can read it over.